Pre-File Representation

If you are the suspect in a criminal investigation of any kind, retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible is critical. Many times people learn they are under investigation by police before they are arrested. These situations often include employee embezzlements, sex offenses, hit and run driving, internet crimes, and domestic violence.

Vista Attorney Jay S. Finnecy has successfully represented dozens of clients in pre-filing matters resulting in no charges being filed, charges being reduced to lesser offenses, and even civil compromises.

When the Law Offices of Jay S. Finnecy contact the police detective or the prosecuting attorney’s office it sends a strong signal that you are taking the matter seriously and plan to vigorously defend the case. Asserting your right to remain silent and to retain counsel are the two most important things you can do to help yourself in the event you are accused of any crime. Attorney Finnecy can help you learn the status of your case without the risk of you calling and potentially incriminating yourself by making statements about the case.

Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney will help you to understand common investigative techniques used by the police. An example is the “pre-text phone call.” Imagine you have been accused of a sex crime. The alleged victim/accuser calls you on the phone to “talk about” what happened. BEWARE, the police are probably listening to the call. ANYTHING you say about the encounter could be twisted and used against you to file rape or child molestation charges.

Another possible outcome of pre-file representation is convincing the prosecution to file lesser charges. This might mean convincing the district attorney to file misdemeanor rather than felony charges or even an infraction rather than a misdemeanor.

The Law Office of Jay S. Finnecy can also help you negotiate a civil compromise resulting in the dismissal of criminal charges upon payment of restitution for any damages or loss.

If you are under investigation for any criminal offense, we can help you. Call the Law Office of Jay S. Finnecy IMMEDIATELY for a free initial consultation.

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