Case Results

Felony Criminal Threats (PC422) Reduced to misdemeanor PC653(m)
Felony Brandishing Firearm (PC417.3) Reduced to misdemeanor 
Attempted Rape of Unconscious Person  Jury Trial—NOT GUILTY
Felony ADW (PC245(a)(1)) Negotiated plea to one non-strike 
Robbery (PC211) Negotiated plea to PC459 with no jail
Child Endangerment + DUI w/injury Jury Trial—NOT GUILTY
Robbery (PC211) + ADW (PC245(a)(1)) Negotiated plea to Grand Theft Person   
Receiving Stolen Property x 3 counts Negotiated plea to one count.  No jail.  
Grand Theft by Employee >$500K Jury Trial—Hung Jury/Mistrial  
Possession of Meth for Sale  Motion to Suppress GRANTED.  CASE DISMISSED.
Driving Under the Influence (.32 BAC) Motion to Suppress GRANTED.  CASE DISMISSED.
Felony DV and Elder Abuse (PC368(b)) DISMISSED BEFORE FILING
Two DUIs w/in 24 hours with prior DUI Probation.  No jail.  Community Service.
Felony Resisting Arrest (PC69) DISMISSED BEFORE FILING
Possess Concealed Firearm in Vehicle DISMISSED after DEFERRED PROSECUTION/Military Diversion
Felony DUI w/GBI (VC23153 + PC12022.7) Reduced to Disturbing the Peace—INFRACTION (PC415)

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